Laughter yoga

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My name is Helen Spencer ITEC , MAR .LYT.  I am a complimentary thearapist.
I  fell in love with Laughter Yoga 10 yrs ago in the USA where I lived and worked but when I moved to this area I could not find a laughter yoga club so I decided to go to India to study at the laughter yoga University and start Laughter Yoga here in Aberdeenshire.

My work as a laughter yoga teacher takes me all over from church groups, WIs, mental and physical health support groups, guides, fund raisers, senior homes, scouts, recovery groups etc really any group who wants to learn more about the incredible physical, mental and social benefits of this wonderful fast growing health craze and try it for themselves.  What started in a park in Mumbai India in the early  1990s with 5 people is now enjoyed by thousands in over 103 countries around the globe.

This work shop will be open to any one. No lycra, no mats and no skills required. Anyone can do laughter yoga - you can do the whole thing sitting down if you prefer to.  I will start with a full explanation of what laughter yoga is, how it works and will tell participants of the many totally amazing health benefits and how it was devised by Dr Kataria, a medical doctor.  We will initiate laughter through simple easy to follow exercises.  Our bodies do not know the difference between real and fake laughter. The connection with Yoga is the deep diaphragmatic yoga type breathing that we do at intervals.  With eye contact and childlike playfulness we will do some fake laughter that soon becomes real and contagious.  We will also do laughter meditation and  end with some deep relaxation.  Highly interactive. Highly contagious.  This is the funniest workshop in the festival.

As it’s founder Dr Kataria says "In Laughter Yoga we do not laugh because we are happy ......we are happy because we laugh!"