Jo's Healthy Cupboard

Joanna Macdonald is a mum of two, a wife and long distance runner who has a passion for encouraging others to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle via plant based living. Through her platform Jo's Healthy Cupboard she offers nutritious and wholesome plant based treats, workshops, recipes and a dose of real mum life. After years of soul searching, completing 3 degrees and exploring 2 careers, Jo discovered her true passion whilst pregnant and searching for a way to improve her own health. Her favourite place to be is creating new treats in her kitchen with her family around her or out running in the country with her ten-month-old in her mountain buggy. She can't live without really good coffee, her magimix and asics trail shoes.


Jo will share her own journey to plant based living and how she changed her lifestyle one step at a time. She will also talk about how this led her to become more passionate about the environment, our planet and all living beings and how she's constantly taking steps to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. She will demonstrate how you can make a simple, plant based nutritious and tasty treat at home using 5 simple ingredients and provide 2 of her favourite recipes.