foundation training instructors scotland

Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to specifically address the negative effects that modern life has on our bodies. Our heavily seated lifestyles have pulled us out of correct postures and into poor movement patterns that have made us vulnerable to injury and pain. Unlike heavy handed medical interventions and conventional therapies, Foundation Training provides a natural and effective alternative that addresses problems at the root cause.


It is designed to put YOU at the centre of your own health and restore your body back into its natural order. The movements teach your body how to properly support itself by rebalancing the muscular system and realigning our skeletons to keep us strong and pain free.

Foundation Training Instructors Scotland began in Aberdeen but now the team provide group classes, private sessions and workshops all over the North-East as well as Edinburgh. We are the only certified instructors in Scotland and have been helping hundreds of people become pain free since 2015. Our aim at Foundation Training Instructors Scotland is to teach you the tools to take control of your pain and help you to feel truly confident in your body’s ability to withstand the rigours of modern life.

Join us in an hour workshop to learn the principles in Foundation Training and participate in the first basic exercises. All exercises are body weight movements and require no equipment. The exercises can be adapted to suit any levels meaning this is suitable for all ages and abilities. Come and discover how good posture and correct movement patterns will dramatically improve how you feel and live.

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