The Crafty Pickle Co

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We are Madi and Arthur, founders of The Crafty Pickle Co.; an Aberdeen based fermented food company that aims to reduce food waste by taking surplus, imperfect produce and preserving it through lacto-fermentation, creating delicious, gut-friendly, vegan fermented food products.


There's a lot of confusion around fermented foods and the nutritional benefits associated with them. As graduates from the University of Aberdeen with MSc’s in Human Nutrition, we are also both Registered Associate Nutritionists and fermentationists (self-proclaimed title). We wish to bring some transparency to the topic of gut-health and fermented foods and provide individuals with the confidence and skills to make their own fermented goodies at home!


We'll be giving a 45 minute talk about fermentation and some of the nutrition science behind it, as well as providing a live demonstration on how to make your own sauerkraut at home. Most importantly, we’ll discuss how our business wishes to reduce food waste by harnessing the power of fermentation. So please book onto our workshop to learn more about what we do as Nutritionist and Fermentationists!