Professor Alexandra Johnstone

Professor Alexandra Johnstone will talk about ‘Busting diet myths’ based on her research at the Rowett Institute. She will explore the myths and realities of obesity and weight loss and dietary approaches, with some time for audience discussion!


Alex leads a research team to assess eating as a form of behaviour at The Rowett Institute, part of the school of medical sciences, dentistry and nutrition. She obtained her PhD in 2001 and has extensively published scientific papers on the role of appetite across the life course. Appetite is a major influence to what and when we eat and she has conducted diet trials in studies with children through to the elderly, to particularly assess the role of dietary protein on motivation to eat.

Her work means that she is sought after to work with the food industry. For example, her science knowledge has been developed straight to the supermarket shelf with the development of the ‘Balanced for You’ range of food for Marks and Spencer plc. She is a key collaborator with EU colleagues and leads internationally competitive work through EU and UK Research Council grant awards.  As a UK registered Nutritionist, she enjoys working with local, national and international food industry sector colleagues, to develop evidence to support the relationship between diet and health.